Salebill 156 EZ Plat Map Aerial Map Soil Map Tract 1 Soil Map Tract 2 Soil Map Tract 3 Clay County Auditors Map

Tract 1 - $5,800, Tract 2 - $5,500, Tract 3 - $5,250
Approx. 235 Acres M/L (Per Original Government Survey)
2 - 80 Acre Tracts and Approx. 75 Acre Tract M/L
The property will be sold with the high bidder having their choice of Tract 1, 2, 3 or any combination of tracts, or all 3 tracts. In the event all tracts are taken after the first round, the auction will be over. In the event only 1 or 2 tracts are taken, the remaining tract will be offered and sold as choice once again. The tracts will not be combined and offered as a single unit. In order to buy all 3 tracts you must be the high bidder.

Wow!! What a great chance to own some of Garfield Townships top quality land. Whether you are wanting to get your feet wet and become a first time investor in the wonderful world of owning great income producing land or if you are a seasonal land owner who already knows the value of owning a hard asset that has great growth potential as well as an inflation hedge all the while producing some income you may buy 1, 2 or 3 beautiful tracts of land. It is extremely rare to find such a centrally located set of farms that offer the flexibility that these farms do. This is truly where family farming legacies start and where they can be added to your existing operation to strengthen your current holdings. With the past as your guide keep your eyes firmly focused on the future and see how these farms can make that future even brighter.