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Two O’Brien County Powerhouses!!!
Holy Cow!! In this awesome offering are two of O’Brien County’s top producing farms. Both are located just East of Primghar. What an opportunity to build for the future with a substantial number of acres. Whether you want 160 acres or 320, here is your chance to add great ground to your existing operation. These are two super high-quality farms that rarely come for sale and especially in one the best farming territories anywhere in the world.
The O’Brien County FSA shows the following information:
Tract 1 shows: 151.77 cropland acres with a 75.60-acre corn base with a 186 bu. PLC Yield index and a 75-acre soybean base with a 53 bu. PLC Yield Index.
Tract 2 shows: 152.47 cropland acres with a 92.90-acre corn base with a 186 bu. PLC Yield Index and a 59.50-acre soybean base with a 53 bu. PLC Yield Index.
The O’Brien County assessor and NRCS office shows the main soil types to be:
Tract 1: Mainly Galva, Sac and Primghar with a small amount of Afton, Marcus and Ransom. The farm carries an outstanding CSR II weighted average of 94.3.
Tract 2: Mainly Sac and Galva with smaller amounts of Colo, Primghar, Afton, Marcus and a little over 3 acres of Storden and Fairhaven. It carries another outstanding weighted CSR II average of 91.4. Wow, it is almost impossible to find 2 farms anywhere that carry these strong, strong numbers!
Let’s talk about some of the basic keys to success in our farming world today. As in the past, it all starts with a strong foundation and that certainly is the quality of the land. No matter what your operation entails, your operational style, and skills, whether you operate small or large, you will always be better served and have a leg up if you own the very best land to start with. With efficiencies becoming ever more important, having strong ground that is adaptable and able to do everything you could ask of it is vital. These 2 farms are the foundation you want to build your operation on. Your future and your family’s will be much brighter with these included in your portfolio. Take control of your future and put 1 or both awesome pieces in your name and enjoy it with pride forever.
All the best from all of us at Brock Auction Company.