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Approx. 196 Acres of Farmland in Woodbury County, IA.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Marshall Ferdig took great pride and it shows in his family farm. When others were doing some different things with their money; Marshall and his family reinvested their money, time and labor in making this rolling hill farm as good as they possibly could. There have been excellent conservation measures, carefully planned, and executed programs put in place over the years. You now have a chance to benefit from this dedication. This Western Woodbury County farm is centrally located just a few miles from the grain terminals in Sioux City and others in nearby surrounding towns. Livestock feeding is prevalent in the area as well as ethanol production to give you excellent marketing options and flexibility.

The Woodbury Co. FSA Office shows 184.1 Cropland Acres, w/a 65 acre Cornbase, w/a 112 bu. P.L.C. Yield Index, a 65 acre Soybean base w/a 35 bu. P.L.C. Yield Index. The Woodbury County NRCS and Assessors Office show the main soil types to be Ida, Napier and a small percentage of Monona. The land carries a 48.4 CSRII rating.

As land consolidates more and more it is becoming harder and harder to find land like this that has been well cared for, is centrally located and one, that if you continue the Ferdig’s example of caring for the land it will serve you well now and in your families future. Best of Luck to All!