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SOLD - $16,800 PER ACRE


APRIL 9, 2021 @ 10:00AM.

“Some of the Best of the Best.” It all began in 1620 when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. From that time until 2021 the quest for folks who make a living from the land has always been the same. “Find the Best Farmland You Can!” Fortunately for us our Forefathers and Mothers braved the harsh conditions and traveled west in search of that dream and settled right here in the “Heart of the Breadbasket of the World.” The Degen farm offers an opportunity to continue that proud hard fought for tradition of owning some of the best farmland anywhere in the World. The previous generations knew what they were doing when they picked the super rich soils in Sioux County and especially the Granville area to start their generational legacies.

The Sioux County FSA Office shows 144.89 Cropland Acres with a 91.5 acre corn base with a 171bu. PLC Yield Index and a 53.3 acre soybean base with a 48bu. PLC Yield Index. The Sioux County NRCS and Assessors office shows the main soil types to be Primghar , Marcus and Galva, and carries a whopping CSRII of 96.8! These fantastic numbers represent almost everything we want in a top quality farm. Located in a great farming community, with great families as neighbors, flat black high yielding dirt, straight rows, wonderful livestock area, close to the Ethanol Plant, Bunkers Feed & Supply and First Cooperative Association in Granville and minutes from other outstanding grain marketing facilities in several close by communities and also close to the County Seat, all makes this the perfect choice to own forever.

As our ancestors before us who had the foresight to see and understand the long term value of owning some of the “Best of the Best” for your generation, you now have the chance to make that same choice for the generations to come in your family. As in 1620 and every year since, the great quest for top Ag Land continues and every year there is less and less opportunity because of consolidation into fewer hands and population expansion. Soon the opportunities may well pass us by and it will be too late, unless we act when they are available. I wish every farm family in America could enjoy owning a top high caliber farm like the Degens. You now have, such a rare chance and I hope you will take the advantage of it and enjoy it forever!!
Best of Luck to All of You.

From Granville: Go ½ mile South on L-22. From Alton: Go 6 miles East on Highway 10, then ½ mile South on L-22.
From Germantown: Go 2 miles North on Oak Hill Ave., West 5 miles on Highway 10, then ½ mile South on L-22.
From Paullina: Go 9½ miles West on Highway 10, then ½ mile South on L-22.
From Remsen: Go 5 miles East on Highway 3, then 11½ miles North on L-22.
From Marcus: Go 3½ miles West on Highway 3, then 11½ miles North on L-22.

TERMS: The purchaser(s) will be expected to pay 10% of the purchase price on the date of sale and sign a real estate contract agreeing to pay the balance on or before May 10, 2021 upon delivery of clear & merchantable title. The property is being sold without buyer contingency of any kind, so have your financial arrangements secured prior to bidding. Ownership possession will be given upon final settlement. The farm is leased for the 2021 crop year and the farm sells subject to that lease with the new buyers receiving the cash rent.. Sellers will pay those taxes that become delinquent October 1, 2021 and all prior taxes based on the current taxes. Descriptions and information are from sources deemed reliable, however, neither the sellers nor the Auctioneer/Broker are making any guarantees or warranties, actual or implied. Property sold “As-Is”, so inspect to the extent deemed necessary and rely on your own judgment when bidding. The Auctioneer/Broker is representing the sellers interest in this transaction. The sale is subject only to the owner’s approval. All announcements made the day of sale shall supersede any previously written or oral statements.