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In this offering is a unique chance at 1 large tract or 2 smaller sized tracts of good quality Woodbury County farmland. The Martin Estate will be offering these farms that have been in their family for decades. It is extremely difficult to find 2 pieces together like this that allow you to design your own program since the first winner can choose their own future by taking one or both at their choosing. The land has been farmed by one of the area's good farmers whose family has also been known for generations as great caretakers of the land.
The Woodbury County FSA Office shows both tracts combined as one unit so the exact figures may vary if sold as 2 tracts. They will then be split according to the FSA guidelines. The total figures are 270.55 cropland acres with a 138.50-acre corn base with 153 bu. PLC Yield Index and a 93.1-acre soybean base with a 42 bu. PLC Yield Index. The Woodbury County Assessor and NRCS office shows the main soil types to be Ida, Judson and smaller amounts of Monona and Napier. The farms carry a weighted CSR II of: Tract 1 is 49.4 and Tract 2 is 47.9.
In today’s farming world, being able to purchase a sizeable piece of ground, whether individually or as one, all have significant acres to help increase your operations efficiency. The farm has had great conservation practices and improvements implemented over the years. The Martins have been in the farming business for years and Jack was known for making his land better and making sure it would return all it could while maintaining the integrity and quality of the land. If you have the same forward thinking and dedication to the land that he had, you will give yourself and your family a bright successful future that will benefit you and them for generations to come. Best of luck from all of us at Brock Auction Co.