Approx. 160 M/L Acres of Nice South Dakota Farmland Located in Section 8, Jefferson Twsp., Union County, SD!
In the offering is a nice Jefferson Township, Union County river bottom flat quarter. The farm is located right on the highway for easy access and only a couple of miles from Jefferson and a hop, skip and a jump from Sioux City and North Sioux City. It is a nice laying farm that offers straight rows and easy farming to help you with your efficiencies.

The Union County FSA shows 155.91 Cropland acres with a 100.5 acre Cornbase w/a 144 bu. PLC Yield Index, a 51.4 acre Soybean base w/a 36 bu. PLC Yield Index, and a 3.3 acre Grain Sorghum base w/a 64 bu. PLC Yield Index. The USDA and the NRCS show the main soil type to be Luton Silty Clay with small amounts of Benclare and Forney. The weighted average Productivity Rating is 63.8

With all the uncertainty in todays world and everyone’s flight to the safety of hard assets, what could be safer than farmland. Strong growth potential, good earnings and long term capital gains if you would like to move your assets in the future. With world population growth booming, the demand for quality food increasing and the amount of available ag land decreasing every year makes this a wonderful opportunity. Those that take advantage of these times will someday surely be rewarded. Give this farm serious consideration. We don’t think you’ll ever be sorry. Good Luck!