Premier, Super Prime!! The headline says it all! If you are in the market to own some of the very best farmland anywhere in America,
you need to look no further. As you will see the sheer numbers speak for themselves.

The Plymouth County FSA Office has combined this land with some other land and will split out the exact acres after there is a new owner of the land. The current figures do show that the Cornbase carries 176 bu. PLC Yield Index and Soybean base carries a 53 bu. PLC. Yield Index. The NRCS Office shows the main soil types to be Galva with smaller amounts of Primghar, Calco and Colo. Over 96.7% of this land carries a 95 average weighted CSR2 rating with a total weighted average of an OUTSTANDING 94.4! With these superb numbers and highly indexing soils, what could we ever hope to find that would be better?

Forever and ever people have always tried to invest in the very best they could afford in any investment vehicle no matter what it is. In this case you have an opportunity to buy the “Gold Standard” of Farmland. Since we only have 66 acres or so to offer almost anyone should be able to take advantage of it. Located in the very heart of the best land anywhere makes it Doubly great. Located right next to Remsen and really close to Marcus and Granville with their great grain markets, right next to some of the areas strongest Cattle and Hog feeding operations, Ethanol production, possible wind and other great services is unsurpassed for great locations to enhance your Marketing options and potential growth.

All the best to everyone.