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SOLD! $10,000 PER ACRE -
Section 13 of Hungerford Township, Plymouth County, Iowa!

In the offering is a super nice unimproved 60 acre piece of Hungerford Township Farmland. This gently sloping farm is just what everyone wants. We are all looking for land that has just enough slopes to drain well, yet has the ability to be farmed with straight rows. A farm that is located in a strong area, with a good location close to great marketing towns like Hinton, Kingsley and Sioux City. Also, in a strong livestock feeding community with lots of hogs and cattle being fed nearby. Ethanol is also available in some local towns. Marketing options and alternatives are a big plus when looking for good land investments and this farm sure fills that bill.

The Plymouth County FSA Office shows 58.29 Cropland acres w/a 26.5 acre Cornbase w/a 113 bu. P.L.C. Yield Index and a 21.3 acre Soybean base w/a 40 bu. P.L.C. Yield Index and a 3.8 acre Oats base w/a 68bu. P.L.C. Yield Index. The NRCS and Assessors Office shows the main soil types to be Monona and Ida soils. Approx. 45% of the land carries a weighted CSRII from between 86 and 95 and the overall farm has a weighted average CSRII rating of 67.7.