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Wow, what a nice offering of good quality Cedar County, Nebraska Farmland. The Helms Family is offering 2 tracts of land on the edge of Belden, Nebraska just a mile off Highway 20. The 2 gently rolling farms have been in the Helms Family for decades and have had excellent care by one of the area’s good farm families who take good care of the land.

The land offers all the attributes you could ask for in the modern-day farming world. Efficiency seems to be the name of the game and this piece provides that. Marketing opportunities with lots of options is key to increasing those efficiencies. Strategically located on the edge of Belden right between Laurel and Randolph on Highway 20 offers easy access to their grain marketing facilities, as well as Jackson’s Ethanol Operations, and Northeast Nebraska’s vibrant livestock feeding industry. This should give you all the options you need to maximize your profits just minutes from whichever one you choose.

The Cedar County FSA Office shows Tract I: with 108.77 cropland Acres with a 108.77 corn base with a 157 bu. PLC Yield Index. The NRCS Office shows the main soil types to be Moody, Crofton-Nora, with smaller amounts of Nora, Hobbs, Moody and Alcester and an average weighted rating of 66.3.

Tract II: FSA figures are 54.03 cropland acres, with a 54.03-acre corn base with a 157 bu. PLC Yield Index. The NRCS office shows the main soil types to be Moody, with smaller amounts of Nora, Crofton-Nora, Aowa and an average weighted rating of 64.6.

In today’s world of consolidation, it is becoming harder and harder to find nice tracts like these 2 that you can add to your portfolio. With all the uncertainties in the investment world going on, it seems like a great time to put a real hard asset to work for you that you can see, feel and walk on and no one can take away from you. If you have the fortitude and foresight like your forefathers and mothers did with history as your guide you too can enjoy the safety and pride that past generations have been able to. We hope you will give one or both of these nice farm’s strong consideration. Thanks, and best of luck to all of you.