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Iowa Giant Whitetails, Loess Hills Monsters, Tremendous Trophy Bucks, Wildlife Paradise!!
A few, but not all the adjectives used to describe the AWESOME Meylor Hunting “Free Range” Whitetail Mecca. Located in the historic Missouri River Loess Hills. Known for producing Giants among Giants the Loess Hills have been sought after but rarely attained dream for whitetail hunters around the world. As this precious resource rapidly disappears you will be able to control your own hunting destiny forever!
Cliff, Wayne and Dave have spent decades developing this property into an ideal hunting dream land. Literally miles of deer trails as well as developed trails, lead from stands and food plots to live creeks and streams throughout the property. Wildlife of all types from outstanding Deer and Turkeys to fur bearers like Coyotes, Fox and the occasional Bobcat as well as small game like squirrels and rabbits abound throughout the entire property. Oh, and what about those delicious Morrell Mushrooms?!
Just imagine having your own property that is big enough that all your hunting needs can be covered by one piece of property. Your days of struggling to find a private place where you are not bumping into other hunters or begging for permission are over!!
The off-season enjoyment of working in the great outdoors on trails, food plots, whatever improvements you desire will be especially sweet when you don’t have to ask anyone else’s permission. This will truly be a dream property for years and years to come.
To all of you in the big game hunting business this is a big enough unit that you can add an Iowa Giant Whitetail hunts to some clients seeking the best Iowa has to offer as well. A great business opportunity!

From Rodney: Go 2.5 Miles Southwest on L-12.
From Whiting: Go 3 miles North on K-64, 7 miles east on E-16, then 1 mile north on L-12.
From Mapleton: Go 9 miles Northwest on Highway 141, then 5 miles Southwest on L-12.
From Onawa: go 1 mile East on Highway 175, then 12 miles North on L-12.
From Omaha - Go 59 miles North on Interstate 29, take Exit 112 to Onawa and go 1 mile East, then 12 miles North on L-12.
From Sioux City: Go 20 miles South on Interstate 29, take Exit 127 to Sloan and go 7.5 miles East on Highway 141, 5 miles South on K-64, 5 miles East on E-16, then 1 mile North on L-12.