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WOW! Probably one of the greatest opportunities to buy a nice farm that comes with the chance to add more farmable acres without paying retail cash price. There are a lot of strong soils on this land that aren’t currently farmed that with some good old fashioned hard work and ingenuity can be added for the cost of your brain power and foresight. It is really hard to find a good piece like this that allows you to build “sweat equity” and at the same time increase the overall value of the entire farm. In days gone by there has been tons of equity built and lots of fortunes secured by using one’s own labor to improve and add value by building up a piece and seeing value where others don’t. There aren’t many tracts like this one left that offer the chance to do just that.

The Plymouth County FSA Office shows 62.44 cropland acres w/ a 43.60-acre corn base w/ a 160-bushel PLC Yield Index and a 14.70-acre soybean base w/ a 51-bushel PLC Yield Index. The Plymouth County NRCS and Assessor office shows the main soil types to be Colo, Galva, Radford with small amounts of Steinauer and Primghar. The farm carries a weighted average CSR2 of 74. The farm is currently enrolled in the ARC County Program.

Centrally located between Kingsley, Remsen, Marcus, and Pierson right on highway C-44, puts you in an ideal spot. There are grain marketing facilities in all the nearby towns. There are several other marketing options close by such as ethanol plants, large cattle and hog feeding operations, and Sioux City’s terminal markets to name a few. The farm has been well farmed and maintained by a good farm family and should be in a strong state of production. Give this farm some real strong consideration and use your ability and foresight to see the real potential here. I think it may pay you big dividends down the road.

Thanks, and Best of Luck From all of us at Brock Auction Company!