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“Diversification Offers More Opportunities!”
In these offerings are two of Johnson Townships highest indexing, top quality farms to be auctioned in quite some time.
Diversity is always a huge part in being able to take advantage of the fast-changing dynamics in our agricultural world. Being able to shift gears on the fly as markets shift is always a challenge that we face and can be hard to accomplish. These two farms offer just that opportunity, where other traditional farms can’t. They are both certified organic farms. They have been certified by the Iowa Department of Land Stewardship. Fortunately, these farms are located reasonably close to markets that pay a premium for certified seed to add extra dollars per bushel for your crop. A great tool in your marketing toolbox.
The Plymouth County FSA Office shows Tract 1 to have 149.79 cropland acres with a 118.40-acre corn base, with a 153 bu. PLC Yield Index, and a 23.20-acre soybean base with a 45 bu. PLC Yield Index. Plymouth County NRCS and Assessors Office shows the main soil types to be 80% Galva with a smaller amount of Radford and carry a weighted CSR II average of 85.7. AWESOME!! Tract 1 also has a newer 17,000-bushel grain bin included and available for use after March 1 of 2024.
Tract 2 shows 76.59 cropland acres with a 45.8-acre corn base and a 153 bu. PLC Yield Index and a 30.4-acre soybean base with a 45 bu. PLC Yield Index. The NRCS and Assessors office shows the main soil types to be mainly Galva with some Radford and carrying a weighted CSR II average of 83.9. FANTASTIC soil ratings for this area.
We all see and hear the talk about, and pressure on the farming world today to meet certain environmental standards. Over the coming decades these ideas and public awareness are likely to increase. The Yeager farms may very well put you ahead of the curve in that respect should you continue to choose the organic route. If you want to use the current traditional farming practice, there is no reason you can’t go that route as well. With flexibility being a top priority, you will be in full control of whatever route you choose. How awesome to have complete control over your future plan and direction. Be sure to take full advantage of the opportunity you have with these farms. Best of luck from all of us at Brock Auction Co.