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SOLD FOR: TRACT 1: $5,150 PER ACRE; TRACT 2: $3,000 PER ACRE; TRACT 3: $171,000*
Approx. 312.66 M/L Acres of Improved Farmland, Pastureland & Acreage!

METHOD OF SALE: The successful bidder will have the option of taking their choice of Tract 1 or Tract 2 or both. In the event both tracts are taken the sale of the land is over. If only one tract is chosen, then the remaining tract will be auctioned. The tracts will not be combined and offered as one unit. Immediately following the sale of the land, the home and acreage (Tract 3) will be offered.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: In the offering is a unique opportunity to find 2 unique tracts that give great flexibility that is hard to find today. A lot of the pastureland in the last few years have been plowed up and put into crop production. If combined, here is a chance to get pastureland and cropland together. The effectiveness of this combination (Livestock, Cropland) together will fill a need for a lot of you who still want some marketing options other than just selling grain or just feeding and selling cattle. You can now have the best of both worlds and if you choose the cattle route, your grain hauling expenses will be almost nill. It is always better to have options and these pieces offer that for sure!!

The Plymouth County FSA Office shows approx. 177.38 cropland acres on both parcels, and 117 acres of hard to find pastureland on Tract 2, a 116.14 acre corn base w/a 135 bu. PLC Yield Index, a 36.29 acres wheat base w/a 31 bu. PLC Yield Index, and a 20.15 acre soybean base w/a 38 bu. PLC Yield Index. The figures are for both tracts combined, if sold as 2 different tracts and different owners the base acreages and other factors will be split according to current FSA rules. The Plymouth County NRCS & Assessors Office show the main soil types to be: Tract 1 shows Ida and Napier and a small amount of Monona. Tract 1 has a weighted CSRII average of 47.9. Tract 2 is made up of mainly Ida and Napier with some creek and pondwater and a small amount of McPaul Kennebec. Tract 2 has a weighted CSRII average of 39.5

Tract 2 really is a hard to find piece of property for the cow/calf operator or someone who wants to background some calves. There is pasture, creeks and ponds with some timber which is always nice to let the cattle get away from the flies in the summer. There is cropland, some storage bins, an equipment shed and some pens to improve on as well.

Tract 3 is a lovely 2 bedroom Ranch style home located right on Echo Road. Situated on 2.29 spacious acres M/L. This home has an attached 2 car garage and breezeway, 2 small sheds for storage and beautiful mature trees. All of this nestled in an awesome serene outdoor setting. If you want country living and the joys that come with it, you’ll want to take a hard look at this property. Our best to all!