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Section 22, Tilden Township, Cherokee County, Iowa

“HOLY COW!! HOW SWEET IT IS!!” In this offering is one of Western Cherokee County’s super high indexing farms. This 230 acre tract has so many things going for it (AND YOU) that it is hard to know where to begin. We all know what 230 prime acres can do to efficiencies of any modern farming operation. Efficiencies that are affected by a great central location in a strong livestock feeding area, one of the best ethanol plants just straight north in Marcus, located right on the highway and fantastic grain marketing facilities only a few short miles in almost any direction. These make the “WOW FACTOR” off the charts! It is extremely rare that such an outstanding, substantial piece of top farmland comes for sale at public auction.

The Cherokee County FSA office shows 217.2 Cropland acres w/a 93.70 and 21.20 acre Cornbase w/a 174 and 173 bu. P.L.C. Yield Index and a 77.50 and 18.00 acre Soybean base w/a 51 and 44 P.L.C. Yield Index. The Cherokee County Assessors Office NRCS Office show the main soil types to be Galva, Colo with smaller amounts of Everly and Steinauer. The farm carries a whopping average CRSII rating of 86, with over 37% between 90-100 CSRII. With these extremely high indexing soils as the basis for your production potential for years and years to come, your family’s farming future looks super bright.