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T-400 FR
Unit is built on a Dodge truck chassis and has a Chrysler flathead 6-cylinder gas engine, that runs well. It is a 4x4 and has a 4 speed manual transmission and has 1 reverse. The truck has tires chains on all four wheels. Windows are good and the heater works.
The rear engine that drives the snow blower unit is a Hercules Diesel that runs well. Previous owner stated to have overhauled the rear engine, but no paperwork is available. The blower measures 72in wide and is 48in tall. The entire unit measures roughly 232in long and about 100in tall. The spout is fully adjustable and has 3 stages. It rotates and has a “truck fill” feature as well. The blower also will rotate further past the spout for a direct blow feature (see video for operation on AuctionTime). Unit will blow a lot of snow! Note- Brakes are not functioning, so machine must be hauled. The blower has a low raising height so take note of ground clearance in pictures and loading height.