What a wonderful offering this farm is!! Centrally
located between Anthon, Correctionville, Moville & Pierson makes this farm easy for
you no matter which one of these towns you call home. This rolling Woodbury
County farm is a very nice representative piece for this area with one exception. It
has been farmed by one of the areas best farmers, a tenant who cares for the land
as if it was his own. This farm is a good producing piece that has had great
conservation practices used; the land shows the care it has had all these past
The Woodbury FSA Office shows there are 137.78 Farmland Acres, with 130.28
Cropland Acres with a 129.99 acres cornbase, with a 184 bu. PLC Yield Index & it is
enrolled in the ARC County Program. The Woodbury NRCS & Assessors Office
shows the main soil types to be Ida & Napier & Monona. The farm carries a
weighted CSRII average of 48.3. Good representative numbers for the area.
In todays changing world of agriculture where good tracts like this don’t come on
the market all that often make it very important to take advantage of it when you
have the opportunity. Couple that with the fact that you more then likely never have
another chance at this property again in your lifetime. So if you are in the business
for the long term and your family is as well, please do yourself a favor and give this
farm strong consideration!!