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The Search for Excellence Ends Here!!
Since the beginning of time in farming, man has sought the very best there is to grow crops and build a family legacy. For literally centuries here in the United States the quest for the best has been sought after as this young nation pushed West. Nowhere in the world is there better farmland to be found and the early settlers knew it when they hit Northwest Iowa and especially here in O’Brien County. The Wrights are offering a chance for some fortunate family to own the “Very Best of the Best”!! There is no better, richer, higher quality land anywhere in Iowa, the Midwest, or the entire USA. It has it all!! It lies just right, with the ability to stand in the middle and see the whole farm, it’s surrounded by highways on both sides for quick, easy access to all the markets. Speaking of markets, it is minutes away from excellent grain marketing facilities, ethanol plants and Northwest Iowa's famous livestock feeding facilities, i.e., Cattle, Hogs, Chickens, Sheep and more, all nearby.
The O’Brien County FSA Office shows 68.07 cropland acres with a 33.92-acre corn base with a 162 bu. PLC Yield Index and a 33.63-acre Soybean base with a 49 bu. PLC Yield Index. The O’Brien County Assessor's and NRCS Office shows the main soil type to be Primghar with some Sac, Marcus, and Galva in smaller amounts. The farm carries a weighted CSR II average rating of a whopping 97.7 with over 57% of the farm carrying a perfect 100 rating. Unbelievable, unheard-of numbers!
Over the past ages, people from around the world have fought great wars over the desire to have better land and better lives. They have left their families from wherever they were, in search of the promise to build a legacy and safety net for the generations who will bear their name and carry their torch. They have been and will always be the ones to inspire the next generations of stewards of the land to carry on. This is the type of high, high-quality land in the Breadbasket Of The World that dreams are made of and where dreams come true. I hope you will give this farm an extremely hard look and make your dreams come true.
From all of us at Brock Auction Company, thank you, and best of luck to you all.