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Land Will be Sold as 3 Separate Tracts
In this offering there are 3 nice High Quality Cherokee County Farms all laying side by side and only a couple of miles straight South of Cherokee. The Meylor family is offering them in 3 tracts. Tract 1 is approx. 77.12 M/L acres, Tract 2 is approx. 78 M/L acres and Tract 3 is approx. 146.27 M/L acres.
These highly productive farms offer the buyer(s) an opportunity to purchase anywhere from 77.12 acres on up to 301.39 acres. It’s really hard today to find such flexibility and to have 3 pieces just next to and across the road from each other. So, whether you want a small tract or a large one, whatever fits your operation will be available.
The Cherokee County FSA office has all three tracts combined so the exact acres and figures for the individual tracts will be delegated by their rules. The total figures show 232 farmland acres which includes a few acres of Steve and Mary Lundsgaard’s land that will not be included in the new buyers total of approx. 6 acres M/L. Cropland acres 205.57, with a 168.20-acre corn base with a 184 bu. PLC Yield Index and a 37.37-acre soybean base with a 57 bu. PLC Yield Index.
The Cherokee County NRCS Office shows the main soil types to be as follows:
Tract 1: Mainly Galva, with a small amount of Colo-Judson and an average weighted CSR II of 87.3
Tract 2: Mainly Galva, with smaller amounts of Steinauer, Colo-Judson, and Everly with a weighted average CSR II of 83.3.
Tract 3: Mainly Galva, with smaller tracts of Colo-Judson, Steinauer, Everly, Sac and Primghar with a weighted average CSR II of 80.2.
In today’s modern family farming world, it is almost impossible to find 3 pieces so close together and yet offer so much flexibility. You can tailor this to custom fit you and your operation. No matter what your intentions are for the future you get to make the choice. Your family’s future and your legacy will be determined by the choices you make today. As you look back in history and follow its track record you will see that the families and operations that are flourishing today are the ones whose forefathers and mothers took the bold step to grab the opportunity when it was presented. Yours will be no different down the road, how you respond will make all the difference for generations to come. Best of luck to you all. From all of us at Brock Auction Company and myself, Bruce Brock. Thank you and we’ll see you at the auction.