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Wow! 2021 is starting off with a BANG for Westfield Township!! In the offering is one of the nicest laying 74+ acres of unimproved farmland to come up in the area. This gently sloping farm has been well cared for and farmed by one of Plymouth County’s respected farm families for generations. Once in a great while a piece like this comes on the market with all the pluses you could possibly hope for. Excellent location just 4 miles East of Akron on Highway 3 then ½ mile South on Highway K-18. Mostly tillable, a high state of fertility and production, nice laying, close to great markets, super livestock feeding area, nice to farm with great numbers for the area.

The Plymouth County FSA Office shows 71.72 Cropland acres w/a 38.15 acre Cornbase w/a 178 bu. P.L.C. Yield Index and a 33.23 acre Soybean base w/a 53 bu. P.L.C. Yield Index. The NRCS and Plymouth County Assessors Office shows the main soil types to be Kennebec-McPaul, Galva, with smaller amounts of Ida. The farm carries a weighted CRSII average of 64.1 with over 43% of the land having a CSRII ranging from 79-84 and a small amount at 95. I think it has very good numbers for this area.

Our legacies and that of our families future rely on the decisions made today just as our present has become a reality because of our forefathers and mothers decisions in years past. As the land slowly fades away and disappears into fewer and fewer hands, our decisions will become ever more important in determining our families farming future. It has never been easy to purchase land. If it was, everyone would do it. However, the rewards of those bold decisions have almost always proved to be of great good fortune for future generations. Best of luck to all of you on your decisions.