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SOLD FOR: TRACTS 1 & 2: $12,100 PER ACRE; TRACT 3: $11,100 PER ACRE -
Approx. 277 Acres M/L in Grant Township, Plymouth County, Iowa.
METHOD OF SALE: The successful bidder will have the option of taking their choice of Tract 1 or Tract 2 or both. In the event both tracts are taken the sale of those tracts is over. If only one tract is chosen, then the remaining tract will be auctioned. The tracts will not be combined and offered as one unit. Immediately following the sale of Tracts 1 & 2, (Tract 3) will be offered.
WOW!!! Can They Get Much Better! Here are 3 fantastic farms located in Northern Plymouth Co., and only 2 & 3 miles South of the Sioux County line. These 3 tremendous farms have been in the Ruden Family for over 6 decades. Which just reinforces the importance of taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase top quality farmland when it comes available. You and your family will more than likely never have another chance to own this land for several generations “If Ever”. Strategically located so close to Craig, Ireton, Sioux Center, Maurice and Le Mars; the area that is the heart of Iowa’s best land, you couldn’t ask for more. There are more marketing opportunities in this area than anywhere in America. If you are a grain farmer, each one of these towns have superior grain marketing facilities as good as anywhere and only a few short miles in any direction. Livestock opportunities, what more could you dream of. The largest cattle feeding operations, hog facilities, chicken barns, many large dairies, in the 4 state region are all within a stones throw of these 3 farms. You could not design a better blueprint for success in your families farming future if you tried. This simply is the best!!

Let’s talk about the land itself. In conjunction with all the things we previously discussed, you can add 3 extremely high quality, great producing and super high yielding top notch soil. The Ruden’s have used hog manure in the fall on the bean ground and cattle manure in the fall on the corn ground so the fertility numbers and potential tax implications from them should be outstanding. I can’t imagine that if you could align all the stars just right, that they would line them up any more perfectly than these 3 farms. These farms are the security for your families farming legacy that you have always dreamt of. Don’t let them pass you by! Best of luck to all of you!