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Good Westfield Township, Plymouth County, Iowa Farm!

In the offering is a very nice rolling western Plymouth County farm. The Martin’s have put excellent conservation measures in place and have utilized hog and cattle manure over the years to increase the fertility of the soil. The Martin’s are also known as good farmers and stewards of the land.

The Plymouth County FSA shows 64.26 Cropland Acres and a 44.5 acre Cornbase w/a 153 bu. PLC Yield and a 7.2 acre Soybean base w/a 38 bu. PLC Yield. The Plymouth County NRCS and Assessors Office shows the main soil types to be Kennebec and Ida with smaller amounts of Galva and Napier. The farm carries a weighted average CSRII of 57.3.

This farm, even though it is rolling, has had a great fertility program and conservation program used throughout the years. The bottom ground, the terraces and excellent location make this a great piece of land that will produce with any farm in the area. Be sure to take a hard strong look at the piece and see for yourself what this unit can do for you and your operation. Best of Luck!