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Pamphlet Cheyenne Pass Map Sewer Map - Cheyenne Pass

Amazing Black Hills Development Opportunity!

Cheyenne Pass subdivision:
Tract 1 & Tract 2 along Radar Hill Rd. will be offered in their numerical order. Tract 3 & Tract 4 along the proposed Cheyenne Boulevard will be offered with the successful bidder having their choice of either tract 3 or 4 or both. In the event both tracts are taken the sale of tracts 3 & 4 is over. Tracts 5 & 6 will be offered in a similar manner, in the event both tracts are taken the sale of them will be over. In the event only 1 of the tracts are taken the remaining unsold tract will be offered. Tract 7 will be last in the sale offering.

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Please register no later than September 9th at 8:00 am MST so an auctioneer can contact you to approve your registration with Brock Auction.

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