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SOLD for $6,900 per Acre -
What a super opportunity to own a very nice farm in the Correctionville area that offers a wonderful return for the next 8 years or so. One that at the end of the contract in 2026 you will have a great producing farm to either farm or re-enroll if the opportunity presents itself. Pheasant Hunters, how about a great hunting property close to Sioux City and other towns with easy access on Highway 20. Who wouldn’t like a hunting preserve that pays a good dividend as well as all the benefits offered by the great outdoors. Think of it: “Go hunting and get paid for it!!”

In the offering is a very nice farm that is currently enrolled in the CRP Program. This gently rolling farm is in the program until Sept. 30th 2026 at $308.54 per acre on 102.70 acres. What a tremendous rate that is justified because the farm carries a very nice 65.2 CSRII weighted average. The Woodbury Co. NRCS office shows the main soil types to be Monona, Ida, and Napier. It was enrolled in 2016 and has a very nice, well established grass cover and has been well maintained. The new buyer will be expected to sign an agreement stating they will leave the farm in the program and that should they take it out or not comply in any way the new owner(s) will be responsible for all penalties and interest incurred. I don’t think you will want to pass up this opportunity without serious consideration.