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Good Quality 40 Acre M/L Farmland!

In the offering is a very nice 40 acre tract that is located right on the highway West of Merrill, Iowa. This gently rolling 40 is all crop ground and has always been well cared for and kept in a high state of production. For those of you who have wanted to get started in the land business and reap the benefits that come from long term ownership, you are looking at a great opportunity. For you who want to add some extra acres that may fit right in with your existing operation, you know how rare this opportunity comes knocking and here is your chance.

The land is currently in with some other land for FSA purposes and will be split according to their rules when you split it out after the closing. The NRCS and Assessors Office show the main soil types to be Galva, Radford, and some Ida & Monona. The farm carries a weighted average CSRII of 66.3 and it is currently enrolled in the ARC county program.

Those of you who knew Don and his family, know the pride he had in and the care he always gave his land. You can buy with confidence that you too can enjoy this same pride.