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Great!! Johnson Township Plymouth County Farm.
In this offering is something that is really hard to find these days! “Certainty” in an uncertain world. Certainly, a good producing farm, well cared for. Certainly, an investment that will stand the test of time. Certainly, one that you can touch and feel, walk on and it always will Certainly be there forever. The farm has been in the Anderson family for several decades and is a great chance to add a significant amount of land into your operation and help build on your family’s holdings.
The Plymouth County FSA office shows 225.85 acres of Cropland with a 111.3-acre corn base with a 148 bu. PLC Yield index and a 111.3-acre soybean base with a 41 bu. PLC Yield index. The Plymouth County Assessor and NRCS Office show the main soil types to be Galva and Ida and Kennebec-McPaul. The Farm carries a weighted CSR II average of 66.4 with over 129 acres carrying a CSR II average range well into the mid to upper 80’s. The farm is enrolled in the ARC County Program. Over the years there has been excellent conservation practices used on the land. One of the areas top farmers has farmed it and cared for it like it was their own.
“Certainty”!! What a great word, and owning this farm will only add to that “Certainty”, by securing your family’s future in the wonderful world of agriculture. Its hard to find a significant sized piece of land that has all that this farm has going for it. Located right on Highway C-38 only adds to access ease and access to all the available marketing options in this rich area. This could very well be the key to anchoring your operations future in farming. We certainly hope you will give this very nice farm strong consideration. I think it will pay good dividends for years to come. Take some of life’s uncertainties out and add some “Certainty” into yours.
Best of luck from all of us at Brock Auction Co.