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In the offering is a very nice, solid Woodbury County Farm. Located neatly in the rolling hills of Northern Woodbury County. This centralized location is conveniently located NE of Moville, SW of Pierson, and South of Kingsley. You couldn’t make it any better for access to the area’s grain, marketing facilities. Only 2½ miles North of Highway 20, a main artery across Iowa, ensures easy access to all the marketing options this rich area offers. Sioux City’s terminal markets, top quality livestock feeding, local grain marketing facilities, ethanol plants and more. All these combined should prove to give you every marketing option at an efficient delivery point no matter what you choose. In today’s world of technology driven farming and all that offers you should be a head of the game compared to a lot of other farms.
The Woodbury County FSA office shows 175.65 farmland acres, 169.23 cropland acres with a 104.50-acre corn base with a 165 bu. PLC Yield Index and a 57-acre soybean base with a 47 bu. PLC Yield Index. The farm is currently enrolled in the ARC County Program. The Woodbury County NRCS and Assessors office shows the main soil types to be Monona and Judson with smaller amounts of Ida. The farm carries a very good weighted average CSR II of 74.3. Good soil and strong numbers combine to make this a very desirable farm.
Over the years it has proved extremely successful to step out in front of the pack when it comes to being able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. This farm is one of those times and seems to have almost everything you can ask for. Great location, access to many different marketing opportunities, good soil, solid foundational traits and much more. Look carefully and I think you’ll find this to be one you will always be glad you own. Good luck from myself, Bruce Brock and all of us at Brock Auction Company.