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In the offering is a very nice Eastern Woodbury County Farm. Located in Rock Township just Southeast of Correctionville and Southwest of Cushing on Highway L-37 (Danbury blacktop) makes this as centrally located as you could ask for. The farm is currently enrolled in the CRP Program until October 30,2026. The CRP rate is $314.53 per acre on 142.85 acres for a total annual payment of $44,931.00. This is a good investment return coupled with growth potential from an asset standpoint in the future.
Along with CRP payment from the FSA office, the Woodbury County NRCS office and Assessor show the main soil types to be Monona with smaller amounts of Judson and Ida. The Farm carries a very nice weighted average CSR II rating of 68 with almost 41% carrying an 85 to 92 CSR II. These good numbers combined with the nice terraces and other conservation practices used over the years by the Hansen Family make this an excellent farming prospect for the future post CRP. The land, after resting and replenishing all these years, should prove to be highly productive and in a high state of fertility.
With crop prices fluctuating constantly up and down, up, and down it would be refreshing to spend the next 3 years just sitting back and not worrying about a thing. The Hansens are a proud family, and their farm shows it. I am almost certain you will enjoy that same prideful feeling for years to come if you are the new proud owner. Ownership of quality farmland has always been a stalwart in the financial stability of farming families and agricultural investors as well. Good land, good returns, and potential future growth make this one of the great opportunities. Make sure you give this farm your full attention. You will never be sorry. Thank you from all of us at Brock Auction Co.