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In this offering is a very nice Rock Township farm. This unique offering is one of the long-standing rolling farms that has a history of excellent conservation practices and great care. For decades Cliff and Wanda Weber and their daughter Judy Roose, were conservation minded and the FSA office shows that even today the conservation system is being actively applied. Located between Cushing and Correctionville just a couple miles South of Highway 20 makes for easy access to all the areas, marketing facilities and livestock producers.
The Woodbury County FSA office shows 130.48 Cropland acres with a 75.78-acre corn base with a 169bu PLC Yield index and a 41.60-acre Soybean base with a 45bu PLC Yield index. The Woodbury County NRCS and Assessors office shows the main soil types to be Monona with smaller amounts of Ida, Judson, and Galva. The farm carries a weighted average CSR II of 64.6. It is currently enrolled in the ARC County Program.
In today’s uncertain times what could be better than an opportunity to purchase as solid and hard an asset as there is “Iowa Farmland”. When the chance to add a piece that has a long, long reputation from a great family you need to really take a long hard look at what it can do for you as well. The farm took great care of their family for decades and surely will for yours as well. In the long run and the big scheme of things, owning quality farmland has proven to be one of the finest investments and will no doubt be that way for generations to come. From all of us at Brock Auction Co., Best of luck!