In the 1800’s as the large cattle drives from Texas, Oklahoma and other areas discovered the rich fertile grasslands that are today known as South Dakota it became the destination for millions of cattle. Those ranchers soon discovered that they needed settlements and marketing access for their cattle. Livestock Markets sprung up and the settlements and Railroad soon followed sending cattle to eastern feeders.

For decades the Mitchell Livestock Auction Market has offered such high quality livestock marketing for the ranchers, backgrounders, Cow/Calf operations both commercial and purebred. The Mitchell Livestock Market has dedicated itself to producers of all types and their success. For 5 of the past 6 years the Mitchell Livestock Market was the Number 1 cattle selling market in South Dakota with numbers ranging from approximately 260,000 to a little over 300,000 head. Since 2010, they have had over 16,800 contributors/consigners from South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. They have over 300 permanent buyers who support the market and its clients. There is also a large number of customs/private feedlots located close by from Iowa, Nebraska as well as South Dakota. The market is in the unique position of getting 2 turns at some of the cattle because of the extensive backgrounding programs in the area.

The facilities are as modern and up to date as any market in the area. From the time the trucks enter the market until the last animal is loaded out for a new home it is designed to be as stress free and smooth flowing as possible. This assures both the buyer and seller that their cattle are being handled the best that they possibly can be.

- Easy Unloading Facilities for Semis and Livestock Trailers
- Steel Pens and Gates
- Sorting Areas
- Feed/Water Pens for Cattle Held Overnight for Shipping Out
- Easy Flow Under Roof at Ring Side
- Large Capacity Ring Scale
- Easy Flow From Ring to Pen Back Area
- Modern Veterinary Services On Site
- Spacious Holding Pens
- Great Load Out Facility

The Mitchell Livestock Auction is well known for its top notch personnel and auction staff. From the time you walk in the front door and see the folks behind the counter smiling and eager to help you register with ease as a seller or buyer and go into what many think is the best food and restaurant in town, you are made to feel welcome.

Upon entering the sale ring you will hear the smooth rhythmic chant of the award winning professional auctioneers and ring staff and enjoy the theater style comfortable seats you’ll understand why tens of thousands of buyers and sellers, buy and sell with confidence at the Mitchell Livestock Auction.

The Market itself is situated just a short mile off Interstate 90 for super easy access for transportation. The Market is setting on approximately 92 acres of highly desirable land in one of the fastest growing areas of Mitchell which is one of South Dakotas rapidly growing mid-sized cities. Within a stones throw and in some cases right across the street there is the Dakota Fest site, Mitchell Technical College, Dakota Wesleyan University and Cabela’s is just down the street as well as a host of other new businesses and hotels and restaurants. From a location standpoint, you couldn’t place it any better for easy access and great potential growth and expansion if you desire. This truly is the Perfect Market! Give us a call to receive more detailed information or to view the facility in person.

If you want a true opportunity of a lifetime to own your own livestock business and work with farmers and ranchers that are the “Salt of the Earth” people it’s right here, now. It’s hard to describe the wonderful feeling of getting up every morning and you can’t wait to forge ahead and build a rewarding, bright and successful future. You owe it to yourself and your family to take a hard look at the Mitchell Livestock Market and all it has to offer. I hope years from now you will look back with pride and say, WOW, what a great honor it has been to be a part of the rich history of the Livestock Market Business.